Jane Flowers
Jane Flowers

Jane Flowers is an award winning Australian artist who specialises in oils on canvas. She has a deep affinity with nature, the ocean and the greater environment that allows her to translate her interpretations into unique and striking artworks that have gained a strong following among art lovers, collectors and interior designers.


The landscapes and seascapes that Flowers creates have the ability to make a room come to life by subtlely transforming the stunning natural beauty of the outdoors into an interior space.


Flowers draws inspiration from her regular travels around the world to capture the essence of time and place in particular environments that touch a nerve with a wide range of audiences and appeal to collectors of her artworks.


She continues to push the boundaries of her art by exploring other artistic styles that interest her including combining alternative techniques like gold leaf with oils. Furthermore, she is continually exploring abstract themes that visually excite the eye and evoke a different range of emotions and reactions.


A keen diver, beachcomber, sailor and adventurer, Flowers is passionate about the protection of wildlife and marine life in Australia's natural ecosystems. 


Flowers was recently awarded "Highly Commended" for her Oil on Canvas "Opportunity", following up on winning the coveted 2014 ANL Maritime Art Award held by the Mission To Seafarers Maritime Arts Awards in Docklands Melbourne for her oil on canvas "David and Goliath"  ( above)