Bruce Baldwin

Art Director



If you’ve ever sailed a boat around Tasmania, if you’ve ever watched the colours disappear on a stretch of Broome beach, if you’ve ever flown in a light plane across the Tanami Desert, you’ll recognise Jane’s work.


You can sense the distances, you can taste the ocean, you can feel the sand between your toes. Jane Flowers isn’t a painter of landscapes and seascapes, she is the lightning rod that conducts shapes and textures and colours onto the canvas.

Andrea Fleming

Chief Executive Officer

Mission to Seafarers Victoria Inc.


Jane’s work is regularly selected for the ANL Maritime Art Awards supporting the work of The Mission to Seafarers Victoria. If you don’t have an ocean view, Jane’s maritime themed paintings certainly evoke a sensation of being close to the ocean no matter how far away you are.   

Libby Edwards


Libby Edwards Galleries


Over the past two decades Jane Flowers has exhibited in all of our four galleries in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Portsea. During this time some of our most our discerning clients have acquired her beautiful canvases and works on paper.


Her perceptive landscapes, seascapes, aerial views and wonderful abstract works resonate with nature lovers, who derive pleasure from her total submersion in all aspects of Australia’s visual abundance.


The depth of her background knowledge and the delicacy of the many indigenous references lift the works beyond the usual landscape and seascape genre.